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Casa Casotto

is the heart of the Association, a box in the nature filled of a lot of surprises: Laboratories for Children and Adults, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Summer & Winter Camps, Classes of Theater, Singing, Tango, Team Builiding Events and so on...

Association Dalla Terra in Su hosts with love all activities that promote self expression, art and living in the nature, appreciating all seasons

Casa Giulia

the home where to relax, eat, listen to music and sleep.

At the first floor there are three bedrooms (double, king size and bunk bed), living room with a cosy fireplace and a sofa bed, two bathrooms (one with shower, one with jacuzzi).

At the ground floor you have the big kitchen and the living room and a corner with a comfy sofa bed in front of the fireplace. Under the portico a big table, the barbecue, and the oven to cook bread and pizza. All around the big garden.

During Retreats, week end  and TT meals are cooked with the vegetables coming from the garden and can be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, eggs free.

Casa Giulia can be enirely rented or only the rooms at the first floor.

Free WiFi

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool overlooks Tuscany Hills. Lenght 12 mt, width 5mt, depht 1,6 to 2,5 mt


Weekly and Week end Hot Yoga Retreats, with or without accomodation and meals. Giulia Guandalini, Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Flow basic teacher, certified Alliance - Michela Salizzoni, Hot Yoga teacher certified Bikram and Yoga for Children. International guests.

Become an Alliance Certified Hot Yoga Teacher with Evolation Teachers Training. English speaking requested. 250 hrs, 4 weeks


This retreat is open to students that want to deepen their practice. This long weekend yoga immersion will offer students a yoga experience that includes asana practice, pranayama and meditation. In each class practitioners will receive techniques to get better and safer forward compressions, twists, backbends, inversions and arm balances. The focus will be extended to pranayama, meditation and kriya to stimulate the principal chakras and energetic channels to let the students gain body awareness and a better physical and mental balance. Gina and Giulia will take care of each student, suitable modifications and options will be offered. The practice will be held in a moderate warm room. Every body and practice experience are welcome! Beginners and advanced students will benefit of this intense long weekend yoga immersion. 

After an intense practice as Hot Yoga or Vinyasa, in the summer evenings a meditation and relaxing session will be guided in the water of the swimming pool overlooking Tuscany Hills.

Learn a complete and dynamic workout that helps to use all your energy!

Good for adults and children!

We film your improvements to watch your practice grow!

Tango Evenings, Class and Dance!

Congresses with differente themes. Residential or daily. See in the Events Page what's on schedule


Sasso Marconi, is the nearest small town and comune of the province of Bologna in northern Italy, 17 kilometres (11 mi) south-southwest of Bologna.

It is named after Guglielmo Marconi, the radio pioneer, who was born in the nearby city of Bologna. In 1902, Marconi received the first transatlantic radio signal at Poldhu Cove, Cornwall, UK. The name Sasso ("rock") derives from the Pliocenic rock formation called Sasso della Glosina which commands the confluence of the Setta and Reno rivers.

From Lagune, where Dalla Tera In Su is located, you can reach Sasso Marconi in 10' drive.

There you can find shops, supermarkets, banks, pharmacy, restaurants, hairdressers, beauty centers, etc.

Also the train station and every 30' you have a train that in a short trip (25') leads you straight in the center of Bologna where you can find more nightlife and cultural life.

From Bologna you also find trains to Florence (35'), Venice, Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin...everywhere you want to go, Bologna is pretty strategic point where to start to visit Italy.


A lifetime friendship, we spend our summers in Lagune since we were children. Is our heart's place, where memories belong, the place of our families, than friends, first loves. Has been always a point of hangout, the swimming pool a big plaything.

With the time flow the atmosphere just slowed a little bit down , but than revived again with the new generation of children that live in the neighborhood, but also coming from Bologna or more far away.

Now the project is to create a start point for new ideas and more sustainable lifestyles, encouraging the connection with the nature, with the beauty of each season, and cultural exchange between different cultures, know hows, passions and sounds.

We'd love that our Association Dalla Terra in Su (from Earth Up) could become like a box filled of new gifts every time you open the cover. From the Ground going Up, starting from our beloved earth rising up, up, up...arriving to the clouds and over!


Marcella and Giulia

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